Current and Future Research Projects

Lab Research



Dr. Phyllis Ohr, Dr. Erin Reilly, and their doctoral students are designing and evaluating the efficacy of a new PCIT adaptation, titled PCIT-FlexEAT. PCIT-FlexEAT targets children ages 3 and up who present with picky eating or difficult behaviors during mealtime. Recruitment for associated studies will begin in Fall/Winter 2020. Please reference your interest in participating in related studies in your referral form.

Camp CHAT Intensive Program

Camp CHAT (Challenging High Anxiety of Talking) is an intensive therapeutic 1-week program for elementary school-age children who fail to speak in situations in which speech is expected (i.e., school). This behavior may also be referred to as “Selective Mutism.” Doctoral students continue to examine the feasibility, acceptability, and efficacy of implementing Camp CHAT at a university-based community clinic. Please reference your interest in participating in Camp CHAT in your referral form.


Analyzing the Effectiveness of a Multi-site Telehealth Selective Mutism Camp

In progress: In conjunction with NYU Child Study Center, we are currently analyzing data collected during a novel telehealth selective mutism camp run during the COVID-19 pandemic. Outcome measures will assess whether parents who provided children with more opportunities for exposures showed the most symptom reduction, the relationship between symptom reduction and family accommodation, and will explore any group differences based on SES, ethnicity, and therapist training level

Selected  Publications


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Predicting Adolescent Anxiety Ratings from Infant Behavioral Style in Response to Expectancy Violation

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